Examining the Middle East: Societal Aspirations Post-Arab Spring – Insights from Bahrain Security Conference

The latest episode of Asian Voices from NHK WORLD-JAPAN delves into the state of the Middle East two years post-Arab Spring, examining the rise of pro-Islamic movements in the wake of numerous dictatorship collapses. The program features a panel of regional experts gathered at a significant security conference in Bahrain to discuss the societal aspirations of the people in the aftermath of these transformative events.

  • The episode discusses the Middle East’s landscape two years following the Arab Spring.
  • Focus is placed on the emergence of pro-Islamic movements after the fall of several autocratic regimes.
  • Experts at a major security conference in Bahrain contribute to a panel discussion.
  • The panel aims to understand the type of societies that citizens aspire to create post-Arab Spring.

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