Exploring Yanai’s Historical Charm through the Festival of Goldfish Lanterns

NHK WORLD-JAPAN’s latest episode of “Journeys in Japan” explores the charming old town of Yanai, renowned for its Goldfish Lanterns. The video showcases the town’s historical architecture, traditional industries like soy sauce production, and the unique cultural heritage of goldfish lanterns. It also delves into the significance of the town’s white walls, a fire prevention measure, and the prosperity of the oil merchants that once thrived there. The episode presents Yanai as a town that has preserved its rich cultural past while continuing to embrace and promote its unique traditions.

  • The episode is titled “Yanai: Old Town of Goldfish Lanterns.”
  • Yanai is known for its historical buildings and traditional industries.
  • The town’s architecture includes white walls designed as a fire prevention measure.
  • Local industries highlighted include soy sauce production and oil merchants.
  • Goldfish lanterns are a unique cultural feature of Yanai.
  • The episode features a traditional soy sauce shop that produces a special sweet soy sauce.
  • Fire prevention measures from the past are explained, such as well markers and boar-shaped emblems.
  • There is a focus on maintaining and passing down Japanese culture for future generations.
  • Goldfish lanterns are crafted as part of a community effort to preserve Yanai’s heritage.
  • The town reflects a blend of historic preservation and modern cultural expression.

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