Exploring Ninja Yashiki: A Glimpse into Historical Ninja Home Security and Hidden Passages

NHK WORLD-JAPAN explores the intricate design and features of a traditional ninja house, known as a Ninja Yashiki, showcasing how it functioned as an ultimate home security system in feudal Japan. The report delves into the various hidden compartments, lookout posts, secret passages, and traps that ninjas used to gain an advantage over their enemies. It highlights how ninjas utilized their living spaces not only as a place of residence but also as a strategic defensive tool, enabling them to gather intelligence, prepare for battle, and evade capture.
  • The ninja house features a rail section in a sliding door that, when removed, reveals a compartment for storing important items such as scrolls.
  • Lookout posts were established with openings less than one centimeter wide for observing enemies undetected.
  • Hidden stairs and passages allow for movement throughout the house without being seen.
  • The attic contains passages that provide access to any room, enabling the ninja to gather information or observe enemies.
  • There are concealed spots for hiding and weapons storage, including swords hidden beneath floorboards.
  • The ninja house includes a secret exit through a hidden door, aiding in a quick escape to avoid capture.
  • A strategically placed trap door that locks after being opened and can only be unlocked from the other side serves as a defensive mechanism.
  • Ninjas used noisemakers to divert enemies’ attention and create diversions.
  • There is an underground passage connected by hidden doors, providing a stealthy escape route outside.

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