DW News Explains: Cold Weather Events Do Not Disprove Global Climate Change



Recent cold waves across the US have led some to question the validity of climate change, citing the harsh weather as evidence against global warming. However, DW News explains that weather and climate are distinct concepts and that extreme weather events, including intense cold spells, are consistent with the expectations of a warming planet. The report delves into the science behind these phenomena, discussing the potential role of a warming Arctic and disruptions to the polar vortex and jet stream in causing these severe winter weather events.

  • Cold weather events do not disprove the existence of global warming but are instead potentially connected to it.
  • Weather refers to short-term atmospheric conditions, whereas climate describes long-term regional weather patterns.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels trap heat in the atmosphere, leading to a global temperature rise and intensifying extreme weather events.
  • Despite global warming, cold spells can still occur and are influenced by factors like the polar vortex and the jet stream.
  • The Arctic is warming faster than other regions, potentially disrupting the polar vortex and jet stream, allowing cold air to travel southward.
  • Some scientists suspect that global warming could be causing the polar vortex and jet stream disturbances that lead to severe cold spells.
  • 2023 was the hottest year on record, and climate change is making extreme weather events more likely.
  • While scientific debate continues on the exact reasons behind extreme winter weather, the consensus remains that climate change is not a hoax.

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