Israeli Activists Campaign for Settlements in Gaza Amid Security Debates



A group of Israelis, some of whom include families who previously lived in settlements in the Gaza Strip, are actively campaigning for the reoccupation and resettlement of the area. This movement comes in the wake of the October 7th terror attacks and has gained traction among certain segments of Israeli society, with some government officials echoing the sentiment. Despite opposition from the international community and the improbability of such an action being officially sanctioned, the idea continues to gain ground among certain right-wing and nationalist groups in Israel.

  • A group of Israelis is campaigning for the reoccupation and resettlement of the Gaza Strip, calling for a return to what they refer to as “Gush Katif.”
  • The movement has gained momentum since the October 7th terror attacks, with certain government officials supporting the idea.
  • Settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, similar to the proposed Gaza settlements, are considered illegal under international law.
  • Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, who have connections to the movement, are advocating for a return to Gaza settlements.
  • Prime Minister Netanyahu and the defense minister are not in support of a Gaza settlement plan, with Netanyahu deeming it unrealistic.
  • Surveys reveal a significant portion of Israelis, particularly Netanyahu’s supporters, are in favor of reestablishing settlements in Gaza.
  • Despite the evacuation of Israeli settlers from Gaza in 2005, some believe that an Israeli presence in the area could increase security.
  • The US and other international allies of Israel oppose any reoccupation of Gaza, advocating instead for a two-state solution.
  • Despite the challenges, some Israeli activists are planning to create outposts near Gaza, potentially in no man’s land areas.
  • Netanyahu’s recent political shifts have been influenced by his indictment and the subsequent protests against his judicial reform proposals.
  • Israeli public opinion and protests have played a significant role in maintaining checks on the prime minister’s power.

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