Russian Soldiers’ Families Protest for Their Return from Ukraine, Demanding End to Conflict



In a stark display of dissent within Russia, wives of Russian soldiers are actively protesting the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, demanding the return of their husbands and sons who have been mobilized to fight in what they describe as an ‘endless war.’ Although their views on the conflict itself vary, with some in support and others more critical, they share a common goal of seeing their loved ones return home. These protests, held regularly and gaining momentum, highlight the growing domestic opposition to the war and the pressure it places on Russian society and President Putin’s administration.

  • A group of Russian women, with varying views on the war, are protesting to demand the return of their husbands and sons from Ukraine.
  • These protests aim to draw attention to the toll the ‘endless war’ is taking on average citizens mobilized to fight, highlighting the human cost of the conflict.
  • The initiative, named “The Way Home,” has evolved from initially not opposing the war to now demanding an end to the conflict entirely.
  • Despite the dangers of dissent in Russia, these women are protesting openly, even in high-profile locations like Moscow’s Red Square.
  • The movement has grown to include protests in both Moscow and St. Petersburg, with participants engaging in public demonstrations and writing protest letters.
  • Authorities have not yet intervened significantly in the protests, possibly due to the Kremlin’s calculation that the movement does not yet pose a direct threat and to avoid negative optics ahead of presidential elections.
  • The protesters represent a segment of Russian society that is increasingly dissatisfied with the war and the government’s policies.
  • Despite some public support, the movement faces criticism both from pro-war factions and some anti-war groups, the latter criticizing the protesters for not taking a stronger stance against the war and Putin’s regime.
  • Authorities have reportedly exerted some pressure on the women, but the response has been milder than expected, possibly due to concerns about the reaction from soldiers currently fighting.
  • The movement has garnered a significant following, with over 40,000 people in a related Telegram chat group, indicating a growing unrest and the potential for further escalation.

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