US Military Strikes Over 85 Targets in Iraq and Syria in Response to Attack on American Soldiers



The US military has launched air strikes on more than 85 targets in Syria and Iraq as a response to the killing of three American soldiers in Jordan last week, according to the Pentagon. President Joe Biden attended a military ceremony for the soldiers and stated that these retaliatory attacks are just the beginning. The operation aimed at command and control centers, intelligence centers, munition storage for missiles, UAV storage, and munition supply chain facilities. The strikes were informed to the Iraqi government prior, and they mark an ongoing effort by the US to respond to threats and actions at times and places of its choosing.

  • The US military targeted over 85 sites in Syria and Iraq in response to the killing of three American soldiers.
  • President Joe Biden has declared that these retaliatory strikes are the beginning of the US’s response.
  • Strikes aimed at various military facilities including command and control centers, intelligence centers, and munitions storage.
  • The Iraqi government was informed before the strikes took place.
  • The operation lasted about 30 minutes and was deemed successful by the US Central Command.
  • President Biden and Pentagon officials have indicated that these actions will not be the last, signaling an ongoing military response.
  • The US aims to stop attacks from the Houthis and avoid a full-scale war with Iran, balancing retaliation with the desire to prevent further escalation.
  • The decision on which targets to strike was made by President Biden, not on the day of the strikes but prior, as part of a deliberate strategy.
  • The goal of the US strikes is to halt further attacks from the Houthis and not to initiate a war with Iran.
  • The response to these air strikes and their impact on further US actions remains to be seen.

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