Finland to Elect New President: Voters Decide Between Ex-Prime Minister and Former Foreign Minister Amid Russian Security Concerns



Finland is on the verge of electing a new president, with voters deciding between two candidates: Alexander Stubb, a former prime minister from the center-right, and Pekka Haavisto, a Green Party former foreign minister. The election’s focus has been on national security, particularly in relation to Russia, reflecting the concerns of Finland, NATO’s newest member. Both candidates share similar views on key issues such as defense spending, relations with Russia, and support for Ukraine, with differences being more about style and values. Haavisto, who played a significant role in Finland’s NATO accession talks, could make history as Finland’s first openly gay president if elected.

  • Finland’s presidential election features Alexander Stubb and Pekka Haavisto as the main candidates.
  • The campaign has largely focused on the security threat from Russia and Finland’s role as NATO’s newest member.
  • Both candidates agree on key issues such as defense spending, the stance against Russia, and support for Ukraine.
  • Differences between the candidates are more about personal style and values rather than policy.
  • Haavisto, who negotiated Finland’s accession to NATO, could become the country’s first openly gay president.
  • The president of Finland leads the country’s foreign and security policy, serves as commander-in-chief, and represents Finland at NATO meetings.
  • One of the new president’s first tasks will be managing Finland’s integration into NATO.

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