Over 100 Palestinians Killed in Gaza as Ceasefire Talks Stall; Israel Continues Rafah Offensive



In a recent escalation of conflict, over 100 Palestinians have been reported dead due to Israeli attacks in Gaza, as confirmed by the Hamas-run Health Ministry. Ceasefire talks in Qatar have shown no progress, and Israel continues its offensive in the southern city of Rafah, aiming for what its Prime Minister has termed “total victory.” The situation has led to the destruction of homes, schools, hospitals, and an aggravation of the humanitarian crisis in the region. International pressure on Israel to halt its offensive has so far been unsuccessful, with significant concerns about the impact on civilians and medical facilities that are being targeted or used in the conflict.

  • More than 100 Palestinians have been killed in the last day due to Israeli attacks in Gaza.
  • Ceasefire talks in Qatar have stalled amidst the ongoing violence.
  • Gaza’s second largest hospital is no longer functioning according to the United Nations.
  • Israel is proceeding with a planned offensive against the city of Rafah, despite international calls for a ceasefire.
  • Homes, schools, and hospitals have been destroyed, significantly worsening the humanitarian situation.
  • A doctor at Nasir Hospital described chaos during an Israeli Army raid, with significant damage to the hospital.
  • Israel claims hospitals are legitimate targets, alleging that Hamas operates within them.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing international pressure to cease the offensive but remains adamant.
  • Journalist reports indicate intense ground invasion efforts in southern Gaza Strip and central Gaza areas, with numerous casualties.
  • Gaza’s Ministry of Health reports staff and patients are trapped inside Gaza’s second largest hospital, with dire conditions reported.
  • Approximately 70 medical staff were arrested, and essential services like electricity have been cut off, leading to patient deaths.

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