German Parliament Passes Cannabis Legalization for Personal Use



In a significant legislative move, Germany’s lower house has passed a bill legalizing cannabis for personal consumption. This landmark decision allows individuals to legally possess, grow, and consume cannabis within specific limitations, aiming to curb black market trade and drug-related crime. The legislation, however, has sparked debate among medical associations, the judiciary, and opposition parties concerning its potential social and health implications.

  • German Parliament approves cannabis legalization for personal use.
  • The new law permits adults to grow up to three cannabis plants and possess up to 25 grams for personal consumption.
  • Non-commercial cultivation and sale in limited quantities will be allowed in cannabis social clubs starting July.
  • Consumption restrictions apply near schools, playgrounds, daycare centers, and youth facilities.
  • Medical associations express concerns over the potential health risks, advocating for a higher legal age limit.
  • The German government plans an educational campaign on the risks associated with cannabis use.
  • Opposition parties criticize the legislation, with promises to repeal the law if they gain power.

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