John Bolton Asserts Trump May Withdraw US from NATO if Reelected



In a recent discussion, former US National Security Advisor John Bolton shared insights on Donald Trump’s presidency, assessing Trump’s competence and potential actions if re-elected, including the likelihood of withdrawing the US from NATO. Bolton also commented on the current conflict between Israel and Hamas, advocating for Israel’s right to self-defense and questioning the accuracy of casualty figures. Furthermore, Bolton critiqued both Trump’s and Biden’s fitness for presidency, reflecting on the challenges facing the US in international relations and defense policy.

  • John Bolton, former US National Security Advisor, discussed Donald Trump’s competence and suitability for the presidency, expressing concerns over Trump’s lack of understanding and strategic vision regarding national security.
  • Bolton criticized both Donald Trump and Joe Biden, suggesting neither is fit to lead the country effectively, especially in the face of international challenges.
  • He predicted that if re-elected, Donald Trump would likely withdraw the United States from NATO, citing Trump’s transactional viewpoint and dissatisfaction with European defense spending.
  • Bolton advocated for Israel’s right to self-defense in the ongoing conflict with Hamas, questioning the reported casualty figures and emphasizing the complexity of distinguishing between terrorists and civilians.
  • The discussion also touched on the broader implications of Trump’s policies on international relations, including concerns over NATO’s future and trade agreements.

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