Ukraine Warns Against External Interference in Transnistria Following Pro-Russia Separatists’ Appeal to Moscow



Ukraine has expressed concern over the pro-Russian separatists in Transnistria, a breakaway region of Moldova, appealing to Moscow for protection. This move mirrors tactics used by separatists in eastern Ukraine a decade ago. Transnistria, which declared independence from Moldova following the Soviet Union’s collapse but isn’t internationally recognized, has a significant population identifying as Russian, many holding Russian citizenship. The request for Moscow’s protection has heightened tensions, especially since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with fears in Moldova of potential aggression. Russia has a notable military and financial presence in Transnistria, including supplying gas and paying special pensions. Moldova’s push to join the EU and its alignment with Ukraine has escalated concerns of destabilization in the region.

  • Ukraine warns against destructive interference in Transnistria after separatists seek Moscow’s protection.
  • Transnistria, an unrecognized breakaway region of Moldova, has a substantial Russian-identifying population.
  • Tensions in the region have increased since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with fears of Moldova being targeted next.
  • Russia provides military and financial support to Transnistria, including special pensions and gas supplies.
  • Moldova’s push for EU integration and alignment with Ukraine has raised concerns over destabilization and aggression.
  • Transnistrians, particularly those holding Russian citizenship, reportedly support the appeal for Moscow’s protection.
  • Logistical challenges make it unlikely for Russia to significantly increase its military presence in Transnistria directly.
  • Any escalation in Transnistria could have regional implications, affecting Ukraine, Moldova, and potentially NATO member Romania.

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