War and Hunger Cast a Shadow over Ramadan in Gaza Amid Stalled Ceasefire Efforts


Ramadan in Gaza is being markedly overshadowed by the ongoing conflict and a severe humanitarian crisis, as efforts to secure a ceasefire have stalled. Despite the arrival of the Muslim holy month, the people of Gaza face widespread hunger, with essentials such as food, water, and electricity becoming unaffordable luxuries for many. The situation is further exacerbated by the psychological toll of continued Israeli airstrikes, making the prospect of a peaceful Ramadan seem distant. Amidst these challenges, families strive to maintain the spirit of Ramadan, even in dire conditions, while international and regional dynamics complicate the prospects for peace and relief.
  • Efforts to secure a ceasefire in Gaza before Ramadan have stalled, worsening the humanitarian crisis.
  • International efforts to deliver humanitarian supplies by air and sea have been deemed ineffective in parts of Gaza.
  • Ramadan decorations and food are available but are priced beyond what most residents can afford.
  • Many in Gaza are selling their belongings to afford basic necessities, with food for the daily Ramadan fast hard to come by.
  • Parents in Rafa are finding creative ways to celebrate Ramadan with their children, despite being displaced into tents.
  • Ongoing Israeli airstrikes have caused injuries among children and have taken a significant psychological toll on the population.
  • Israeli security forces are on high alert in Jerusalem ahead of Ramadan, amid concerns over potential unrest.
  • Talks between Hamas and Israel on a ceasefire and a new hostage deal have seen little progress, with both sides expressing divergent interests.
  • US President Joe Biden has criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, indicating a rift between the US administration and the current Israeli government.

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