UN Warns of Imminent Famine in Gaza as US Urges Israel to Allow More Aid and Reconsiders Rafah Ground Offensive



The United Nations has issued a dire warning that Gaza is on the brink of famine, with half of its population already experiencing catastrophic hunger. This comes amid increasing international pressure on Israel to allow more aid into the territory and avoid a ground offensive in Rafah, which the US warns could exacerbate the humanitarian crisis. The EU’s top diplomat has described the famine in Gaza as a weapon of war, highlighting the man-made nature of the crisis. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has requested Israeli officials to discuss alternative strategies to a ground invasion in Rafah, aiming to target Hamas without further endangering civilian lives and deepening the crisis.

  • The UN reports that Gaza is on the verge of famine, with half of its population facing catastrophic hunger levels.
  • Israel faces international pressure to allow more humanitarian aid into Gaza and to reconsider its plans for a ground offensive in Rafah.
  • The EU’s top diplomat accuses Israel of using famine as a weapon of war, emphasizing the crisis in Gaza is man-made.
  • Aid shipments have arrived in Gaza, but aid agencies argue they are insufficient and cannot substitute for land-based aid deliveries.
  • US President Joe Biden has warned against a Rafah ground offensive, suggesting alternative methods to target Hamas while avoiding a humanitarian catastrophe.
  • The US is pushing for a more targeted, precise approach to dealing with Hamas in Rafah, aiming to protect civilian lives.
  • There is increasing frustration over the failure of diplomacy to achieve even a limited ceasefire in the region.
  • Pressure is growing on the Biden administration to take more explicit actions to end the conflict and address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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