Israeli Activists Protest at UNRWA Offices in Jerusalem Demanding Hostage Release



In Jerusalem, protests have erupted outside the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) offices, with Israeli activists demanding the release of hostages and accusing UNRWA of involvement in the Hamas-led terror attacks on October 7. This demonstration coincides with an independent review concerning these allegations, initiated after Israel accused UNRWA staff members of complicity in the attacks. Amidst these tensions, UNRWA’s Chief, Philip Lazarini, emphasized the dire situation in Gaza, warning of a potential man-made famine as the agency seeks to restore funding suspended by donor nations in response to the accusations.

  • Israeli activists are protesting outside UNRWA offices in Jerusalem, demanding the release of hostages and accusing the agency of involvement in Hamas-led terror attacks.
  • An independent review of the accusations against UNRWA, initially made by the Israeli government, is underway.
  • UNRWA Chief Philip Lazarini was denied access to Gaza amid warnings of a potential man-made famine in the territory.
  • The agency is attempting to regain funding that was halted by donor nations following Israel’s accusations.
  • Protest size was smaller than anticipated, with participants claiming to represent a broad spectrum of Israeli society.
  • Protesters equate UNRWA with Hamas, blaming the agency for fostering a mindset conducive to attacks like the one on October 7.
  • An interim report on UNRWA’s alleged involvement in the October 7 attacks is expected, focusing on the agency’s neutrality, staff hiring practices, and response to the allegations.
  • The final report on the investigation is scheduled for release next month, providing more detailed findings to the public.

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