Latvian Foreign Minister Asserts Ukraine Can Triumph in War, Advocates for Enhanced NATO Support and Defense Spending


In a recent interview, Latvia’s Foreign Minister Christian Carage articulated a strong stance on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, emphasizing the need for increased Western support to ensure Ukraine’s victory against Russia. He highlighted the evolving nature of NATO’s readiness to counteract Russia’s expansionist ambitions and stressed the importance of the West, particularly European states, to meet defense spending targets. Carage pointed out the significant shift in Germany’s defense policy and the unanimous support within Europe for Ukraine, underscoring that a Russian victory would be a security threat to the entire continent. The minister also discussed the necessity for NATO to enhance its defensive capabilities and the strategic importance of creating ambiguity for Russia.
  • Latvia’s Foreign Minister Christian Carage believes Ukraine can still win the war with sufficient Western support.
  • NATO is urged to increase its readiness against Russia’s expansionist actions and European states are encouraged to meet defense spending targets.
  • Germany has significantly shifted its defense policy, becoming a major supporter of Ukraine.
  • Carage warns of the security threat to Europe if Russia wins and emphasizes the need for a robust response to deter future aggression.
  • The European Union has agreed to provide €50 billion over four years to support the Ukrainian government.
  • NATO is moving toward a more aggressive stance to ensure deterrence, with an increase in defense spending and military capabilities being key factors.
  • Latvia is leading by example, aiming to spend 3% of GDP on defense and actively supporting Ukraine both militarily and financially.
  • The strategic ambiguity is seen as crucial for blurring the lines of what NATO may or may not do in response to Russia’s actions.
  • Carage refutes claims of divisiveness caused by phasing out Russian as an official language in media and education in Latvia, emphasizing national unity and integration.
  • The interview highlights the critical role of NATO in preventing war through deterrence and the collective defense commitment among member states.

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