German National Football Team Ends 70-Year Partnership with Adidas for Nike



In a significant shift in sports sponsorships, the German national football team will end its 70-year partnership with Adidas and instead don the US brand Nike. This decision by the German Football Association (DFB) has come as a surprise to many, stirring reactions within Germany’s sports and broader community. Financial motivations are cited as the primary reason for the switch, amid recent challenges including the impact of COVID-19 and the national teams’ underperformance in major tournaments. The change will take effect from 2027 and is scheduled to last until 2034, sparking discussions on the future of sports sponsorships and national identity in football.

  • The German national football team will switch from Adidas to Nike starting in 2027, ending a 70-year partnership.
  • Financial considerations, including the impact of COVID-19 and decreased team performance, influenced the German Football Association’s decision.
  • Adidas, an iconic German brand, was seemingly caught off guard by the announcement, having not prepared a statement in response.
  • The timing of the announcement came shortly after Adidas revealed a new away kit for the team, which had reportedly been selling well.
  • Nike’s offer to the German Football Association was significantly higher than Adidas’s, contributing to the decision to switch sponsors.
  • There was no indication that the DFB had negotiated with Adidas by presenting Nike’s offer before making the switch.
  • The decision has stirred reactions among fans, media, and officials, with some considering it unpatriotic of the DFB.
  • Speculation exists that Adidas will attempt to regain the contract when it is up for renewal in 2034.

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