China, South Korea, and Japan Hold First Trilateral Summit in Four Years to Strengthen East Asian Cooperation



At a trilateral summit, the first of its kind in four years, leaders from South Korea, China, and Japan have underscored the importance of enhancing cooperation among the East Asian neighbors to revitalize diplomatic relations. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang heralded the meeting as a “new beginning,” advocating for multilateralism and a united front in trade matters. This gathering is particularly significant given the backdrop of heightened G2 competition between the U.S. and China, with South Korea and Japan playing pivotal roles as U.S. allies. Additionally, a notable outcome from the summit is the initiation of a security dialogue between South Korea and China, amidst North Korea’s plans for a spy satellite launch, signaling potential shifts in regional security dynamics and efforts towards the denuclearization of North Korea.

  • Leaders from South Korea, China, and Japan convened at a trilateral summit, the first in four years, aiming to strengthen diplomatic and cooperative ties.
  • Chinese Premier Li Keqiang called the summit a “new beginning” and stressed the importance of promoting multilateralism and collaborative efforts in trade.
  • The summit is significant against the backdrop of G2 competition between the U.S. and China, highlighting the strategic roles of South Korea and Japan as U.S. allies.
  • These three nations together account for 25% of the global GDP and are crucial for global supply chains.
  • Amidst North Korea’s announcement of a planned spy satellite launch, South Korea and China agreed to initiate a security dialogue.
  • The summit’s agenda included critical topics such as climate change, sustainable development, economy, trade, and personnel exchanges.
  • The joint statement from the summit mentioned the denuclearization of North Korea, indicating a possible increase in pressure on North Korea regarding its nuclear ambitions.

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