EU Funding Linked to Migrant Abuse and Covert Expulsions in Africa, Investigation Reveals


A recent investigation accuses the European Union of contributing to human rights abuses in Africa by funding operations that forcibly move migrants and dump them in hazardous border areas in the Sahara Desert. The operations, aimed at curbing irregular migration to Europe, reportedly involve cooperation with African governments, including Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, and Mauritania. The investigation by Lighthouse Reports reveals that migrants are being expelled en masse, often without food or water, using vehicles funded by the EU. Despite these accusations, the EU defends its actions, emphasizing cooperation based on respect for international law and human rights. This comes amidst the EU’s efforts to manage migration through agreements with African nations, even as it seeks to attract workers from the continent to fill labor shortages.
  • The EU spends millions to stop irregular migration from Africa, collaborating with African governments.
  • Lighthouse Reports investigation accuses the EU of complicity in human rights abuses, involving mass expulsions of migrants to dangerous border areas.
  • Operations include forced removals using EU-funded vehicles, with migrants left without basic necessities.
  • The EU’s response emphasizes its commitment to international law and human rights, while maintaining the sovereignty of partner states.
  • Recent EU agreements with countries like Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt aim to halt migration, raising concerns about empowering repressive regimes and fueling xenophobia.
  • Investigation reveals systematic racial profiling, with non-Arabic speaking, dark-skinned individuals targeted for expulsion.
  • European involvement includes Spanish officers in Mauritania, actively participating in migrant interceptions and operations.
  • The EU plans to continue signing deals with African nations, despite controversy over forced returns.
  • In parallel, Europe seeks to attract foreign workers to address labor shortages, with Germany planning to recruit skilled workers from Kenya.
  • Kenyans are preparing for opportunities in Germany, undergoing training and adapting to potential cultural challenges, including racism.

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