Jordan Hosts Humanitarian Aid Summit for Gaza, US Pledges Over $400 Million in Assistance



An emergency aid summit focused on addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza was held in Jordan, gathering US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Arab leaders, and representatives from international organizations. Blinken announced over $400 million in fresh aid for displaced Palestinians and emphasized the urgency of speeding up the inspection of aid trucks by Israel to reduce civilian casualties. The summit underscored the critical need for immediate actions to improve the dire situation in Gaza, highlighting the importance of faithful implementation of international humanitarian laws, unconditional release of hostages, protection of civilians, and safe, impartial aid delivery.

  • US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced more than $400 million in aid for displaced Palestinians in Gaza.
  • The summit took place in Jordan, with key discussions on humanitarian aid and the current situation in Gaza.
  • Blinken called on Israel to accelerate the inspection process of aid trucks and to reduce civilian casualties.
  • Representatives from the International Committee of the Red Cross emphasized the urgent need for actions following the adoption of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2738.
  • The focus was on the faithful implementation of international humanitarian laws, specifically the Geneva conventions, to ensure the protection and humane treatment of all civilians and the unconditional release of hostages.
  • There was a call for immediate, safe, and impartial aid delivery to Gaza, highlighting the unprecedented complications and dangers faced by humanitarian workers.
  • Discussions included the need for political will from all parties to facilitate aid delivery and potentially initiate a ceasefire to end eight months of fighting.
  • The closure of the Raa Crossing has significantly hindered the level of aid reaching the people in Gaza, with Israel being urged to ensure civilian access to essential necessities including food, water, healthcare, and safety.
  • The situation requires immediate change to prevent further loss of life, with a call for the opening of all borders to allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza.

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