Residents Flee Jabalia Refugee Camp Amid Israel Strikes and Deteriorating Conditions in Northern Gaza

In the northern Gaza Strip, specifically within the Jabalia refugee camp, residents are facing dire conditions amidst ongoing conflict. The camp, already grappling with severe hardships, is witnessing a mass exodus as people seek refuge from the hostilities. Essential needs such as food, water, and medical supplies are scarce, with contamination widespread due to the destruction of infrastructure. Despite the appearance of normalcy in some markets, the reality is a stark contrast with the majority unable to afford basic necessities, further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.

  • The Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza is experiencing mass displacement due to intense fighting.
  • Residents are suffering from a lack of basic necessities including food, water, and shelter, amidst the conflict.
  • Contamination of food and water is widespread, with 75% of the population displaced and most buildings destroyed.
  • Sanitary conditions are extremely poor, leading to about 700,000 cases of infectious diseases among the displaced.
  • Despite the appearance of availability, food items in markets are unaffordable for many, who rely on humanitarian aid.
  • Hospitals are overwhelmed, and there is a severe shortage of medication, further worsening the health crisis.

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