Violence Grips Sudan’s El Fasher Amid Civil War, Civilians Trapped and Facing Starvation

In Sudan’s El Fasher, civilians are enduring continuous violence amidst the ongoing civil war, with at least 123 civilians reported killed in recent clashes. A resident of El Fasher describes living in fear and desperation as the conflict between the military and the RSF paramilitary forces escalates. The situation has led to severe shortages of food, water, and medicine, with many relying on just one meal per day. Efforts to get information from the besieged city are challenging, highlighting the dire circumstances faced by those trapped in the conflict zone.

  • El Fasher, Sudan, is experiencing ongoing violence amid a civil war, resulting in significant civilian casualties.
  • At least 123 civilians have been killed in recent fighting, with dozens killed last Friday alone.
  • Residents describe continuous gunfire and a dire lack of essentials, including food, water, and medical supplies.
  • Many in El Fasher are surviving on one meal per day, with medicine nearly depleted and many losing their lives due to lack of medical care.
  • Efforts to communicate with those inside the besieged city are difficult, but testimonies reveal the severe impact of the conflict on civilians.
  • El Fasher remains the last major city in Darfur under Sudanese military control, with the RSF paramilitary forces attempting to seize control.
  • The conflict has resulted in hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people, with fears that the situation could worsen if the RSF takes control.
  • In addition to the crisis in Sudan, the video also touches on other issues affecting Africa, including the underrepresentation of women in science and engineering, and legislative efforts in Benin to grant citizenship to descendants of the African diaspora.

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