Microsoft Exposes Russian Disinformation Campaign Targeting Paris Olympics with Fake Tom Cruise Documentary

A report by Microsoft has revealed a disinformation campaign by Russia targeting the Paris Olympic Games, involving two Russian influence networks named Storm 1679 and Storm 1099. These groups have focused their efforts on discrediting the event and France since June 2023, employing tactics including an AI-generated docu-series featuring a deepfake Tom Cruise. The series, falsely associated with Netflix, aims to expose alleged financial and sports corruption within the International Olympic Committee. Additionally, the campaign has utilized a fake France 24 report and a bogus CIA press release to spread fear about terrorism at the Olympics, according to the Microsoft report. The Russian Embassy in France has denied involvement in these disinformation efforts.
  • Microsoft uncovered a Russian disinformation campaign targeting the Paris Olympic Games.
  • Two influence networks, Storm 1679 and Storm 1099, have been spreading fake news and disinformation since June 2023.
  • An AI-generated docu-series falsely featuring Tom Cruise discusses alleged corruption scandals within the International Olympic Committee.
  • The disinformation campaign used a fabricated France 24 report and a counterfeit CIA press release to suggest terrorism concerns at the Olympics.
  • Russian Embassy in France denies any disinformation efforts related to the Paris Olympics.
  • The campaign also involved false claims about ticket returns and security risks to deter spectators.
  • Disinformation has extended to physical acts in Paris, including controversial graffiti and vandalism.

France 24 is an international television network and news website owned by the French state.

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