NHK WORLD-JAPAN Advises Setting AC to 28℃ for Effective Heatstroke Prevention Indoors

In a recent video by NHK WORLD-JAPAN, viewers are advised on how to prevent heatstroke during hot and humid conditions indoors. The video emphasizes the importance of using air conditioning responsibly to save energy while maintaining safety. It recommends setting air conditioners to 28℃ and using fans to circulate air for comfort while cautioning against overcooling rooms to temperatures of 24℃ or lower, which can be harsh on the body.

  • Indoor heatstroke can occur in hot and humid conditions.
  • People may get heatstroke from trying to save energy by not using air conditioning.
  • To prevent heatstroke and save energy, set air conditioners to 28℃.
  • Use a fan to circulate air and increase comfort levels in the room.
  • Avoid sudden exposure to temperatures of 24℃ or colder, as it is hard on the body.
  • Careful use of air conditioning can safeguard against heatstroke.

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