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No Ads

AllNewsChannels is not a website aimed at making money, but a website aimed at combating misinformation and propaganda. It features no ads or membership payments.

No Bias

AllNewsChannels is focused around featuring as bias-free news sources as possible. Because of that, only news networks given a “Center” rating by AllSides Media Ratings are featured. We have no affiliation with AllSides apart from using their media ratings. Read more here.

No Clickbait

AllNewsChannels is not a site aimed at generating clicks or traffic, and all headlines have been “de-clickbaited” to feature only the relevant information.

No Unethical A.I.

AllNewsChannels is open about the use of A.I. in summarizing articles. However, fear around A.I. technologies is understandable, and because of that we have a full page dedicated to explaining our use of it here, including the full prompts used to generate the articles.

No Comments

AllNewsChannels have ‘Comments’ turned off. While debate is good, online anonymous debate has a strong tendency to drop to the lowest common denominator, and is ripe for manipulation. Because of that, the ability to comment on articles is turned off.

No Bullshit

AllNewsChannels is not a commercial website, and is not trying to sell you anything. The website is set up to give you an easy overview of daily news, and nothing else. Enjoy.

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