NHK WORLD-JAPAN Highlights Importance of Tsunami Preparedness and Evacuation Planning

In the recent video by NHK WORLD-JAPAN, titled “Tsunami: Everyday Preparation,” viewers are advised on the importance of immediate evacuation in the event of a strong earthquake near coastal areas. The video emphasizes the urgency of moving away from the coast and seeking higher ground, due to the potential threat of a tsunami, which could even travel upriver. It also highlights the necessity of having a predetermined evacuation plan for every family member, regardless of their location during an earthquake.

  • Immediate evacuation is crucial if a strong earthquake is felt near the ocean as a tsunami may swiftly follow.
  • Evacuees should aim to get as far from the coast and as elevated as possible to avoid tsunami waves.
  • Tsunamis have the potential to travel upstream, posing risks even to those who cannot see the ocean.
  • It is important to know your designated evacuation area in advance.
  • Testing the fastest evacuation routes during everyday life can be lifesaving in an emergency.
  • Family members should determine and practice their evacuation routes from various locations such as schools, workplaces, or homes.

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