Hundreds of Thousands of Israelis Protest Against Netanyahu’s Judicial Reforms

For the past three months, up to half a million Israelis have been demonstrating against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed judicial reforms. The protests have intensified social divisions and raised concerns about the potential impact on Israel’s democracy. Netanyahu’s critics fear the reforms could undermine the independence of the judiciary and are particularly contentious because of the Prime Minister’s ongoing corruption trial. After significant public pressure, the reform legislation has been paused, with its future uncertain as opposition and coalition parties remain deeply divided.

  • Up to half a million Israelis have protested against judicial reforms proposed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.
  • The proposed reforms include changes to the committee that appoints judges, limiting the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction, and introducing an Override Clause allowing parliament to overrule court decisions.
  • Supporters of the overhaul argue it is necessary to balance the power of a court they view as overly liberal and activist.
  • Opponents believe the reforms will undermine the independence of the Supreme Court and erode Israeli democracy.
  • The protests have highlighted deep societal divisions between secular and conservative religious groups in Israel.
  • Netanyahu, who is on trial for corruption, has been accused by protesters of advancing the overhaul for his own legal benefit, an allegation he denies.
  • The judicial reform legislation has been paused until parliament reconvenes at the end of April, with no clear path to compromise between the opposition and ruling coalition.

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