WSJ Highlights New iOS 17 Features Including SharePlay, Voice Isolation, and Collaborative Apple Music Playlists

The recent video by The Wall Street Journal on iOS 17 provides viewers with a rundown of 10 useful features that can enhance the user experience for iPhone owners. These features include Voice Isolation to improve call clarity, NameDrop for quick contact sharing, Live Listen with AirPods for those with mild hearing loss, automatic notifications to loved ones upon arriving home, collaborative playlists on Apple Music, FaceTime calls via Apple TV, secure password sharing, SharePlay for shared audio listening, adjusting alerts for devices in Find My, and tips for taking leveled photos and using an Apple Watch to remotely control the camera.

  • Voice Isolation can remove background noises during calls.
  • NameDrop feature allows for quick sharing of contact information between two iPhones.
  • Live Listen enables AirPods to stream voices picked up by the iPhone directly.
  • iPhones can now send automatic notifications when the user arrives at a destination.
  • Apple Music now supports collaborative playlists similar to Spotify.
  • FaceTime calls can be launched on Apple TV 4K (second generation or newer) using an iPhone.
  • Users can create secure shared password groups for safe password sharing.
  • SharePlay allows audio sharing with friends without sharing earbuds.
  • Find My app settings can be adjusted to reduce unnecessary alerts.
  • Camera settings include a leveling feature and remote shutter control via Apple Watch.

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