U.S. Supplies Israel with $320 Million Worth of Precision-Guidance Kits for Munitions Amid Civilian Casualty Concerns in Gaza

The recent video reveals that the United States is allocating $320 million worth of guidance kits to Israel to convert unguided, general-purpose bombs into precision-guided munitions. These SPICE kits are intended to enhance the accuracy of aerial bombardments while aiming to reduce civilian casualties. Even with this increased precision, experts express concerns about the risks in densely populated areas like Gaza. The kits, which include electro-optical seekers and satellite guidance, allow preloaded target images and can operate in various conditions, increasing the range and reducing risks to pilots.

  • The U.S. is sending $320 million worth of SPICE guidance kits to Israel to upgrade general-purpose bombs into smart bombs.
  • These kits are intended to improve precision and minimize civilian casualties during operations in Gaza.
  • Raphael USA will transfer the kits to its Israeli parent company, Raphael Advanced Defense Systems, for the Israeli Defense Ministry’s use.
  • The SPICE kits include guidance components and control surfaces to extend the bomb’s range and precision.
  • Operators can preload images of targets and select them in-flight, with the ability to engage slow-moving targets as well.
  • SPICE combines electro-optical guidance with satellite guidance and includes GPS and inertial navigation systems.
  • The kits allow for deployment from distances of up to 100 kilometers, enhancing pilot and aircraft safety.
  • Despite increased precision, experts worry about the impact of using such large munitions in densely populated areas like Gaza.
  • Israeli officials claim to aim for minimal civilian harm and carefully calculate munition size and use.
  • Factors such as intelligence gathering, targeting policy, and operator proficiency are crucial for accurate strikes.
  • The U.S. is investigating several Israeli air strikes in Gaza to assess civilian casualties and potential misuse of weaponry.

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