Ukraine Withdraws from Avdiivka Amid Heavy Russian Assault: Zelensky Cites Lack of Long-Range Weapons

Ukraine has withdrawn its forces from the key eastern town of Avdiivka after a protracted battle, with President Zelensky citing a significant disadvantage in long-range weaponry against Russian troops. The retreat was portrayed as a tactical move amidst heavy Russian shelling and substantial casualties. Despite the loss, Ukrainian troops are setting up new defensive lines and the significance of Avdiivka’s fall on the overall war remains to be seen.

  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky blamed the loss of Avdiivka on a lack of long-range weapons.
  • Ukrainian forces retreated from Avdiivka after enduring heavy artillery bombardment and facing a significant firepower disadvantage.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian troops for taking full control of Avdiivka.
  • Ukrainian troops filmed their withdrawal, highlighting the intense and bloody nature of the battle.
  • Russian air power and ground forces overwhelmed Ukrainian defenses, leading to the strategic pullback.
  • Despite organized withdrawal efforts, some Ukrainian armored vehicles were hit during the retreat.
  • Russia has reportedly sustained significant casualties, with 477,000 since last October in the region.
  • Ukrainian soldiers are preparing new defensive positions further from Avdiivka while residents in nearby towns express anxiety over potential future advances by Russian forces.
  • The map changes since October last year show Russian territorial gains in the east, with the frontline moving westward.
  • Both Russian and Ukrainian forces are bracing for a prolonged conflict with no immediate breakthrough expected.
  • Ukraine hopes for more Western military support, including long-range missiles and possibly fighter jets, for future counteroffensive efforts.

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