Israel Continues Military Campaign as Hostage Crisis Persists After 100 Days of Conflict in Gaza



One hundred days into the conflict in Gaza, Israelis are calling for the release of hostages taken by Hamas during an attack on October 7th. Protests in Tel Aviv reflect the public’s demand for government action as 136 individuals remain captive. The war has led to significant devastation in Gaza, destroying homes and displacing nearly two million people. While some in Israel question the military strategy, the Israeli government is firm in its resolve to continue the campaign until all hostages are returned and Hamas is eliminated. The situation remains dire with no immediate end in sight, affecting both sides deeply.

  • Protests in Tel Aviv as Israelis demand the release of 136 hostages still believed to be held by Hamas after the October 7th attacks.
  • Israeli military campaign has heavily damaged Gaza’s infrastructure, leaving half of the buildings destroyed or damaged and displacing almost 2 million people.
  • The conflict has resulted in a catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza, with widespread loss of life, livelihoods, and homes.
  • Despite the ongoing conflict, there is a mix of support for the war effort in Israel, with many questioning the strategy and seeking accountability.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated the war against Hamas will continue until their goals, including the safe return of all hostages and the elimination of Hamas, are met.
  • While the northern border of Israel also faces threats, particularly from Hezbollah, the primary focus remains on the situation in Gaza and the war’s outcome.
  • There is a growing call within Israel for potential elections once the conflict has concluded, with many people desiring accountability for the events of October 7th.

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