Live Coverage: Milei, Sanchez, Macron Address Global Economy at World Economic Forum 2024



At the World Economic Forum 2024, key global leaders including Javier Milei, Pedro Sanchez, and Emmanuel Macron delivered speeches addressing current economic challenges, international cooperation, and policy initiatives. The discussions focused on solutions for sustainable development, tackling climate change, and fostering a collaborative international environment.

  • Javier Milei discussed economic liberalization and the importance of individual freedom in global markets.
  • Pedro Sanchez highlighted Spain’s efforts in renewable energy investments and the significance of multilateralism.
  • Emmanuel Macron emphasized the need for a global response to climate change and advocated for technology’s role in economic growth.
  • The speakers addressed the necessity of balancing economic development with environmental sustainability.
  • Debates on the role of government policies in shaping future economic landscapes were a central theme of the forum.
  • The forum provided a platform for leaders to propose collaborative efforts to overcome international challenges.

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