Over 1.4 Million Protest Against Far-Right Extremism in Germany



Massive demonstrations have swept across Germany with over 1.4 million participants protesting against the far right and a recent meeting between the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and far-right extremists. The protests occurred nationwide, including a major rally in Berlin near the parliament. The public’s anger has been ignited by the revelation of discussions on plans for mass deportations of migrants and citizens with foreign roots, invoking memories of Germany’s dark past and prompting concerns about the country’s future.

  • Over 1.4 million people demonstrated against the far right across Germany.
  • Protests were prompted by reports of the AfD party’s meeting with extremists to discuss plans for mass deportations.
  • Demonstrations took place in more than 100 locations, including large and small cities.
  • Participants included a broad spectrum of society, from civil organizations to families and the elderly.
  • The protests have hit a nerve due to Germany’s historically troubling past with far-right extremism.
  • The AfD is currently polling second nationwide and is leading in some regions in Eastern Germany.
  • Experts suggest the demonstrations may influence undecided voters rather than long-time AfD supporters.
  • It is uncertain if the protests will continue leading up to regional elections in September.

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