Thailand’s Constitutional Court Acquits Former Progressive Party Leader, Paving Way for Political Comeback



Thailand’s former progressive leader of the Move Forward Party, Pita Limjaroenrat, has been cleared by the Constitutional Court of election law violations, reviving his political prospects. Previously blocked from becoming prime minister despite his party’s victory in the elections, Pita faced allegations of illegally owning shares in a media company while running for office. This recent court ruling reinstates his status as a lawmaker and eligibility for the prime ministerial position, potentially reshaping Thailand’s political landscape ahead of future elections.

  • The Constitutional Court of Thailand cleared Pita Limjaroenrat of election law violations.
  • Pita led the Move Forward Party to victory but was initially blocked from becoming prime minister.
  • The controversy centered around Pita’s alleged ownership of shares in a media company while he was a candidate.
  • Following the court verdict, Pita is now eligible to serve as a lawmaker and potentially as prime minister.
  • His party’s ambitious reform program includes rewriting the constitution, ending business monopolies, and legalizing same-sex marriage.
  • The Move Forward Party faces a separate legal challenge on whether it will be dissolved, linked to its campaign to amend the Les majeste law and the media company share ownership issue.
  • Despite legal challenges, Pita’s party won last year’s general elections, signaling strong voter support for change and reform.
  • Political analyst Tian PIR offered insights on the implications of the verdict for Pita and his party, suggesting that while Pita’s return to power is uncertain, his and his party’s popularity could influence future political developments.

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