Turkey Approves Sweden’s NATO Membership, Awaiting Erdogan’s Final Signature



Turkey’s Parliament has given its approval for Sweden’s accession to NATO, an essential move for the country’s bid to join the military alliance. After President Recep Tayyip Erdogan publicly backed Sweden’s membership, the parliamentary vote showed a significant majority in favor. This approval from Turkey now leaves Hungary as the last NATO member to ratify Sweden’s membership. The decision comes after Sweden agreed to Turkey’s demands, which included stronger anti-terrorism legislation and actions against groups Turkey considers terrorist organizations.

  • Turkey’s Parliament voted in favor of Sweden joining NATO, with a significant majority of 287 to 55 votes.
  • Sweden’s bid had been previously hindered by Turkey’s President Erdogan’s concerns over Sweden’s stance on certain Kurdish groups.
  • Sweden responded to Turkey’s concerns by tightening its anti-terrorism laws.
  • US Ambassador to Turkey Jeff Flake and Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson expressed positive reactions to the vote.
  • President Erdogan is expected to finalize the ratification in the coming days.
  • Delays in Turkey’s approval were due to demands made to Sweden, including crackdowns on the PKK and preventing Quran burnings.
  • Turkey also sought guarantees from the US for the sale of military jets to renew its air fleet.
  • US President Joe Biden’s assurance to Erdogan played a role in moving the parliamentary vote forward.
  • Erdogan may expect further action from the US Congress on military sales before fully committing to Sweden’s NATO bid.
  • Hungary remains the only NATO member state that has not yet ratified Sweden’s membership.

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