Russian Plane Crash Alleged to be Downing by Ukraine Amidst Prisoner Swap, Calls for International Inquiry



Russian state media reported that a Russian military plane crashed in southern Russia, allegedly shot down by Ukrainian forces, killing all 74 people on board, including 65 Ukrainian soldiers en route to a prisoner swap. Ukraine has denied involvement and called for an international investigation, stating that Russia did not request safe operational airspace. The incident, which occurred near the border with Ukraine, has led to calls for a UN Security Council discussion and has raised concerns over the safety and fate of prisoners of war.

  • Russian military plane crashed in southern Russia, near Ukraine’s border.
  • All 74 people aboard, including 65 Ukrainian POWs, were killed.
  • Russia accuses Ukraine of shooting down the plane during a planned prisoner swap.
  • Ukraine denies the accusations and requests an international inquiry.
  • An exchange of 192 Ukrainian POWs for 192 Russian POWs was scheduled but did not proceed.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has canceled trips and supported an international investigation.
  • Russian Foreign Minister called for a UN Security Council discussion on the incident.
  • Russia claims Ukraine launched a missile from the Kharkiv region, which targeted the plane.
  • The crash site is within Russian territory, complicating international investigation prospects.
  • Russia’s foreign ministry has labeled the crash an act of terrorism and blamed Ukraine.
  • An emergency UN Security Council session on the crash has been called for by Russia.
  • It is uncertain whether Russia will allow an international investigation on its soil.

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