Addressing Climate-Induced Conflicts in Africa: Women Lead Peace Efforts Amidst Sahel Crisis



As climate change exacerbates droughts and flooding in Africa’s Sahel region, competition for scarce resources is fueling conflicts, particularly between herders and farmers in northeastern Nigeria. However, in Adamawa State, young women are playing a pivotal role in promoting peace by fostering dialogue between the competing groups, addressing issues such as disputed cattle routes and land claims, and working to counteract misinformation and negative stereotypes on social media.

  • The Sahel region is highly susceptible to climate change, experiencing intense drought and flooding.
  • Scarcity of fertile land and water is increasing conflicts between herders and farmers.
  • In Adamawa State, Nigeria, women are leading efforts to bring peace to their communities.
  • Regular meetings in the Shelleng District aim to improve communication and reduce tensions between herders and farmers.
  • Conflicts are fueled by environmental stress, as well as historical, religious, political, and ethnic divisions.
  • Social media plays a significant role in both spreading misinformation and fostering positive communication.
  • Local women are encouraged to actively engage in peace processes and challenge their perception as merely victims of conflict.
  • Efforts in the region have shown that peaceful coexistence leads to shared prosperity.

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