BBC News Explores AI-Powered ‘Anura Magic Mirror’ That Measures Health Parameters Through Facial Blood Flow Patterns

Advancements in AI technology are now stretching into the realm of healthcare, with innovative products like the Anura Magic Mirror, which can measure over 30 vital signs and disease risk parameters through a 30-second video selfie. This product analyzes facial blood flow patterns to assess health risks, including cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. The data is processed in the cloud, providing users with health insights. The video also highlights other health-related gadgets, such as smart rings that track daily activities and synchronize with other health data, and earbuds that monitor heart rate and stress levels.

  • The Anura Magic Mirror measures over 30 vital signs and risk parameters for diseases like cardiovascular disease, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes through a 30-second video selfie.
  • It uses transdermal optical imaging to analyze facial blood flow patterns and process the data in the cloud to provide health insights.
  • The technology is backed by a population database of about 40,000 patients, which aids in the assessment of health risks based on facial blood flow patterns.
  • Smart rings, such as the Ultra Human, track daily activities and can integrate data from various sources, including blood tests and continuous glucose monitors.
  • M mics are earbuds that also function as health monitors, assessing heart rate and stress by using the ear as a speaker to the heart.
  • These health gadgets are not only focused on physical health but also incorporate mental health aspects, particularly stress monitoring.

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