Exploring the Plight of Kush Addicts in Liberia: A Glimpse into Youth Desperation and Societal Neglect



In Liberia, the synthetic drug known as Kush is severely affecting the youth, leading to a life of despair and entanglement in drug addiction. The video provides an insightful look into the lives of these young individuals, many of whom have become prisoners to their addiction, resorting to various means to sustain their habit, including commercial sex work. Amidst conditions of violence, disease, and drug abuse, some locals are making efforts to support these youths, raising funds for rehabilitation and empowerment, despite allegations that some government officials are involved in drug trafficking, hindering effective response to the crisis. The situation underscores the urgent need for support and rehabilitation for these individuals to overcome their challenges.

  • Kush, a synthetic drug, has become popular among disillusioned youth in Liberia, leading to severe addiction.
  • The drug is known for delivering a brief but powerful high, which leaves users in a state of craving more.
  • Many of the drug addicts, referred to as Zogos, live in ruins and are involved in various activities to fund their addiction, including commercial sex work.
  • Women, including pregnant ones, face dangers such as rape and violence, with some abandoning their newborns in hospitals to escape.
  • Drug addiction has led to incapacitation among many, with recent deaths from tuberculosis reported.
  • Local efforts are being made to raise funds for the rehabilitation and empowerment of the addicted youth.
  • Allegations suggest that some government officials, including members of the House of Parliament, are involved in drug trafficking, which may contribute to the slow governmental response to the crisis.
  • The lack of assistance from the city of Monrovia for addicts highlights the need for support and rehabilitation services.
  • The situation is a stark reminder of societal neglect and the urgent need for intervention to support these individuals in overcoming their addiction.

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