Moscow Police Detain Journalists at Anti-War Rally Called by Soldiers’ Families



In Moscow, police detained several journalists covering a protest by family members of Russian soldiers, specifically the wives, demanding the return of their relatives from the war in Ukraine. The rally, staged by these women who have been demonstrating outside the Kremlin for weeks, calls for the repatriation of their husbands, who they claim were promised rotation after a year of service. The crackdown on journalists at the protest highlights the government’s sensitivity to dissent, especially during a time perceived as critical for the Kremlin amidst an ongoing election campaign.

  • Police detained dozens of people, including journalists, at a protest in central Moscow organized by the wives of Russian soldiers.
  • The protesters demand the return of their husbands from the war in Ukraine, citing broken promises of rotation after a year’s service.
  • The women have been demonstrating for weeks outside the Kremlin, emphasizing their desire to have their husbands back to maintain family integrity.
  • The protest has not explicitly called for an end to the war, focusing instead on the return of their loved ones, avoiding direct opposition to the Kremlin’s official stance.
  • The authorities’ response to the protest, especially targeting journalists, indicates the government’s attempt to suppress dissenting voices during a sensitive political period.
  • The crackdown on journalists rather than the protesting women themselves suggests the Kremlin’s caution in handling direct criticism from ordinary citizens.

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