Survivors in Syria Struggle with Rebuilding Lives One Year After Devastating Earthquake



One year after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake devastated Southeastern Turkey and Northwestern Syria, survivors in the Syrian city of Idlib continue to face immense challenges. The earthquake resulted in significant loss of life and widespread destruction, drastically altering the lives of many. In Idlib, one of the worst-hit areas, infrastructure and basic services were severely impacted, making recovery efforts difficult. Volunteers are working to build earthquake-resistant homes for displaced families, but with limited resources, many still live in emergency camps with inadequate access to clean water, electricity, or basic hygiene. The need for psychological support and humanitarian aid remains high in the region.

  • The earthquake caused extensive damage in five of Syria’s 14 governs, with Idlib being among the hardest hit.
  • Survivors like Khed Wber, who lost family members and his home, face financial difficulties and psychological trauma.
  • Reconstruction efforts include building multi-story, earthquake-resistant residential units funded by individual donations.
  • Many residents are forced to live in emergency camps with little access to essential services such as clean water, electricity, and sanitation.
  • Two million people in Northwestern Syria live in tents, with many having resided there even before the earthquake due to ongoing conflict.
  • Humanitarian aid and access to basic health services are severely limited, with significant funding cuts affecting aid distribution.
  • Psychological support is urgently needed for those affected, as the anniversary of the earthquake brings back traumatic memories.
  • Sustainable humanitarian access, including the renewal of border crossings for aid delivery, is crucial for long-term recovery and planning.

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