Biden Criticizes Israel’s Military Campaign in Gaza Amid Concerns Over Assault on Rafah



In recent developments, President Joe Biden has voiced criticism against Israel’s military operations in Gaza, particularly concerning the potential ground offensive in the southern city of Rafah, a region described by Israel’s Prime Minister as a stronghold for Hamas following the October 7th terror attacks. This criticism comes amidst reports of Hamas militants reappearing in northern Gaza while Israel preps for an assault on Rafah, a city harboring over a million displaced persons. The situation highlights a growing humanitarian crisis, with many civilians fearing for their lives and the United States expressing strong opposition to a military operation in Rafah, labeling it as potentially disastrous.

  • President Joe Biden criticizes Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, particularly concerning the planned offensive in Rafah.
  • Rafah, described as a Hamas stronghold, houses over a million displaced individuals seeking safety.
  • The U.S. National Security Council spokesperson and President Biden have both warned against a military operation in Rafah, citing potential disaster and humanitarian concerns.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has instructed troops to prepare for operations in Rafah, raising concerns over the safety of the few remaining safe areas in Gaza.
  • Frank Ledwidge, a strategic studies expert, suggests that the Israeli Defense Forces have shifted from large-scale airstrikes to more focused ground and subterranean operations.
  • Despite U.S. opposition, Israel appears determined to proceed with its plans in Rafah, aiming to minimize civilian casualties through refined targeting procedures and rules of engagement.
  • Reports indicate that Hamas militants are reappearing in northern Gaza, challenging Israel’s objective of eliminating the group.
  • The Israeli military’s strategy may include creating a buffer zone by destroying buildings in Gaza, a move criticized by the UN Human Rights Chief as potentially violating international laws of war.

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