Chinese Analyst Explores Beijing’s Stance on Ukraine War and Its Complex Relationship with Russia and the US



In a recent interview, Professor Le Chung of the University of Hong Kong, an expert on international relations and a close observer of the China-US relationship, shared insights on China’s stance regarding the ongoing Ukraine war and the broader geopolitical landscape. He discussed the complexities of China’s position, which emphasizes the importance of sovereignty and territorial integrity, while also acknowledging China’s strategic interests and concerns over NATO expansion. The conversation also touched on China’s diplomatic efforts, the impact of the Ukraine war on global alliances, and the nuanced understanding China holds regarding its role and strategies in the current international environment.

  • Professor Le Chung highlights China’s emphasis on sovereignty and territorial integrity in its stance on the Ukraine war.
  • China maintains a balanced relationship with both Ukraine and Russia, advocating for peace and negotiation.
  • The interview discusses the impact of NATO expansion on Russia’s actions, with China expressing concerns over this development.
  • China’s diplomatic position is complicated by its strategic interests, including fears of isolation and the desire to avoid being the next target after Russia in the eyes of the US.
  • Despite not providing military support to Russia, China seeks to play a responsible role in the international community, striving for peace and stability.
  • The conversation touches on the broader implications of the Ukraine war for global alliances and the potential for increased polarization between democratic and authoritarian states.
  • Professor Le Chung discusses the challenges and opportunities for China in the context of US domestic politics, including the impact of the upcoming US presidential election on US-China relations.
  • The interview concludes with reflections on the current technological and geopolitical landscape, suggesting that while aspects of a Cold War mentality may be present, the global context and China’s international engagement are significantly different from the past.

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