India Affirms Its Strong Alliance with Russia Amid Global Tensions



In a recent statement at the Munich Security Conference, a spokesperson for India’s ruling party, BJP, reaffirmed India’s strong and longstanding relationship with Russia, emphasizing strategic autonomy and non-alignment in foreign policy. The discussion also touched on India’s hopes for peace in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and the nation’s role as a mediator, its stance on global leadership, and its capability to address challenges, including those posed by China. India’s position on providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine and its commitment to peace and dialogue in global conflicts were highlighted.

  • India reiterates its stance on Russia being a strong friend and ally, emphasizing a long history of mutual support.
  • The spokesperson highlighted India’s policy of strategic autonomy and non-alignment, focusing on peace and dialogue rather than taking sides in conflicts.
  • India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement on the current era not being one of war was discussed, emphasizing violence as not a solution.
  • India has provided humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, signifying its balanced approach to the conflict and its commitment to aiding in crisis situations.
  • The potential for India to act as a mediator in the Russia-Ukraine conflict was mentioned, leveraging its good relations with both countries.
  • India’s rising global profile, including its leadership in the Global South and initiatives for shared power and progress, was outlined.
  • The discussion also covered India’s capability to address challenges posed by China, emphasizing India’s strength and resilience.
  • India’s democratic robustness was affirmed, with an expectation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi winning a third term.
  • The Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the Electoral Bond system was mentioned, with the government respecting the court’s judgment.

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