Exiled Myanmar Minister Expresses Optimism About Rebel Victory in Ongoing Civil War



In a significant development from Myanmar, Zin Mar Aung, the foreign minister of the National Unity Government (NUG), an entity partially governing in exile after the 2021 military coup, shared insights into the ongoing civil war against the military junta. Addressing the situation at the Munich Security Conference, Zin Mar Aung conveyed that rebel groups aligned with the NUG are gaining control and expanding territories, emphasizing both military and political efforts to overthrow the junta and restore democracy. The discussion also covered the complex international dynamics, including China’s dual engagement with both the junta and the rebels, and the call for global support against the provision of arms to the junta from countries like China, Russia, and India.

  • The National Unity Government’s foreign minister, Zin Mar Aung, discussed the ongoing civil war in Myanmar, highlighting that rebel groups are expanding their control against the military junta.
  • Zin Mar Aung emphasized the importance of providing public services in areas controlled by the NUG and allied ethnic organizations, alongside efforts to politically unify various groups for a future democratic Myanmar.
  • International dynamics play a significant role, with China engaging both sides of the conflict to ensure stability and protect its investments, while also facing pressure to cease support for the junta.
  • The NUG calls for a global halt in arms supplies to the junta from countries like China, Russia, and India, highlighting their indirect involvement in civilian casualties.
  • Zin Mar Aung urges continued support from Western countries, not just in sanctions against the military rulers but also in providing practical humanitarian assistance to the people of Myanmar.
  • The situation in Myanmar is also impacted by transnational crimes, including online scams, which the NUG is committed to combating in cooperation with the international community.
  • Despite the global attention being divided due to multiple crises, the NUG is determined to keep Myanmar’s plight on the international agenda, seeking support to overthrow the military regime and restore democracy.
  • Zin Mar Aung expresses optimism about the future, stating that the people of Myanmar are ready for a transformed country, free from military dictatorship.

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