Fears Escalate in Gaza Over Potential Israeli Offensive as Humanitarian Crisis Deepens



In the Gaza Strip, particularly at the Rafah Crossing, there is mounting concern over a potential Israeli ground offensive, with warnings issued by an Israeli War cabinet member. Amidst this tense backdrop, the humanitarian situation in Gaza is deteriorating, significantly impacting the availability and affordability of essential supplies such as diapers and baby formula. Parents, struggling to meet their children’s basic needs, are resorting to makeshift solutions, including homemade diapers, amidst a dire shortage of aid. The situation underscores the urgent call for increased humanitarian assistance and a cessation of hostilities.

  • Tensions are escalating in Gaza over fears of an Israeli ground offensive, with a deadline set for the start of Ramadan on March 10th unless Hamas releases all hostages.
  • The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is worsening, with critical supplies like diapers and baby formula becoming scarce and expensive.
  • Parents are facing severe difficulties in providing for their children’s needs, with some using plastic sheets or cloth as substitutes for diapers.
  • Water scarcity is complicating the situation further, making it challenging to wash reusable diapers and increasing the risk of skin infections among infants.
  • A local tailor has begun producing diapers for individuals of all ages, including the elderly and those with disabilities, to mitigate the shortage.
  • Aid agencies warn that the situation will continue to deteriorate without a significant increase in humanitarian aid and an end to the conflict.

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