Assange’s Lawyers Claim Risk of Assassination if Extradited to the US, Launch Final Legal Appeal


Julian Assange’s legal team is fighting his extradition to the United States, where he faces espionage and computer misuse charges. During a two-day hearing at the High Court in London, his lawyers argued for the allowance of an appeal against the extradition order. Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, did not attend due to illness. His supporters, gathered outside the court, expressed fears for his life and fairness of trial if extradited. Assange has been embroiled in legal battles to avoid extradition for over a decade, following WikiLeaks’ publication of classified US military documents. The case raises concerns about the implications for journalistic freedom and the potential risk to Assange’s mental and physical health.
  • Julian Assange’s legal team is seeking an appeal against his extradition to the US, where he faces charges that could lead to a life sentence.
  • Assange’s health issues prevented his attendance at the recent High Court hearing in London.
  • The case stems from WikiLeaks’ publication of classified US documents, sparking debates over journalistic freedom and national security.
  • Assange’s supporters fear for his life and the fairness of his trial in the US, labeling him a political prisoner targeted for exposing US wrongdoing.
  • Legal arguments against extradition include claims of political motivation, risk of judicial mistreatment, and a supposed CIA plot to harm Assange.
  • Concerns about Assange’s mental and physical health have been raised, with fears that US prison conditions could exacerbate his condition.
  • If the appeal is denied, Assange’s team may seek intervention from the European Court of Human Rights, though this path offers no guarantee.

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