Survey Reveals Majority of Europeans Pessimistic About Ukrainian Victory in War


A new survey conducted by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) reveals a growing pessimism among Europeans regarding Ukraine’s prospects of winning the war against Russia. With participation from 177,000 individuals across 12 European countries, the findings indicate that only one in ten Europeans believe Ukraine can emerge victorious. Furthermore, a significant portion of respondents advocate for Europe to pressure Ukraine into negotiating with Russia, reflecting a complex sentiment of war weariness, doubts about Europe’s capability to replace U.S. leadership and aid to Ukraine, and concerns over the implications of a potential peace agreement.
  • A majority of Europeans are pessimistic about Ukraine’s chances of winning the war against Russia.
  • The survey involved 177,000 people across 12 European countries.
  • 41% of respondents suggest Europe should pressure Ukraine to negotiate with Russia.
  • There is a significant concern about war weariness in Europe, despite improvements in inflation and energy prices to pre-war levels.
  • Europeans doubt their ability to substitute U.S. leadership and aid to Ukraine, particularly if Donald Trump is re-elected.
  • Most Europeans foresee the war ending in a negotiated settlement, which they believe should reflect the military balance on the battlefield.
  • European leaders are advised to redefine support efforts and emphasize peace based on international law and humanitarian principles.
  • The survey indicates a division in support for Ukraine among European countries, with some showing more pro-Russian sentiments.
  • There is a concern about the potential impact of Ukrainian refugees on national cohesion in some Eastern European countries.
  • A plurality of Europeans support maintaining or even increasing aid to Ukraine, should U.S. support diminish.

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