Eight Thai Migrant Workers Still Held Hostage After Hamas Terror Attacks in Israel



Following the terror attacks by Hamas on October 7th in Israel, eight Thai migrant workers have been reported still held hostage. The incident has not only affected Israelis but also nationals from other countries, with Thais making up one of the largest groups of foreign victims. Families in Thailand, particularly in the northern region, are facing immense distress as they await the return of their loved ones. The video report highlights the personal stories of these families, the impact on their lives, and the broader implications for Thai migrant workers abroad.

  • Eight Thai migrant workers are still being held hostage after the Hamas terror attacks in Israel on October 7th.
  • One Thai hostage was released after 50 days of captivity, sharing harrowing experiences of being hurt and surviving on minimal sustenance.
  • Families in Thailand are under immense emotional stress, with one mother unable to work due to worry about her kidnapped son.
  • Thai workers in Israel, attracted by better wages, are from remote regions and contribute significantly to their families back home.
  • The labor agreement between Thailand and Israel has been suspended temporarily, shifting the preferred destinations for Thai workers to Taiwan or South Korea.
  • Local officials and families express the need for the government to provide better information on risk zones and ensure the protection of its citizens working abroad.
  • A mother’s hope for her son’s return is intertwined with her plans for their future, including buying cattle and land for him to work on in Thailand.

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