Navalnaya Addresses European Parliament, Calls Putin a “Bloody Monster” in Tribute to Late Husband


Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of the late Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, addressed the European Parliament, emphasizing the futility of negotiating with Russian President Vladimir Putin and labeling him a “bloody monster.” Navalnaya’s speech, which followed her husband’s death in prison, highlighted the need for innovative approaches beyond resolutions and sanctions to combat the Putin regime. She urged support for the millions of Russians opposed to Putin and stressed the importance of cutting off the regime’s financial and business connections. Concerns were also raised about the potential unrest during Navalny’s funeral in Moscow, amidst a backdrop of widespread public mourning and political repression in Russia.
  • Yulia Navalnaya addressed the European Parliament, warning against negotiating with Putin and calling him a “bloody monster.”
  • She emphasized the need for actions beyond traditional sanctions and resolutions to counter the Putin regime.
  • Navalnaya urged the European Parliament to support the Russian opposition and the millions of Russians who oppose Putin.
  • Concerns were raised about potential unrest during Alexei Navalny’s funeral in Moscow.
  • Despite political repression, many Russians have shown public mourning for Navalny, risking their freedom.
  • Navalnaya called for innovative strategies to cut off the financial and business ties of the regime’s supporters.
  • The possibility of major riots following Navalny’s funeral was mentioned as a worst-case scenario for Russian authorities.

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